Take charge of a group of fruit astronauts that want to reach planet Fruit Loops, where all the other cool fruits live, of course.

Try to reach the highest altitude you can, and collect coins on the way to buy upgrades for your ship and crew! Tap/click the sides of the screen to steer your rocket. 

If you find yourself low on fuel, don’t worry! The rocket is powered by organic matter! In other words, fruit juice! Good thing you brought some of your fruit astronauts along huh?


All code, art and music were made by me, Fabrício, using Unity (C#), Krita and LMMS respectively.

SFX were made using SFXR, from DrPetter.

The font is Candy Beans, by Chequered Ink.

A special thanks to the Ludum Dare team, for organizing these awesome events every year.

And thanks to you for playing! If you participated in the LDJam, please vote on my project page!


Fruit Blast - Windows Build.zip 28 MB
Fruit Blast - Linux Build.zip 32 MB
Fruit Blast - Android Build.apk 27 MB

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