A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

You play as a peaceful dungeon master, minding your own business, when suddenly some nosy adventurers come into your lair in search of loot! How rude!

Deploy your minions to mine ore, shoot at the intruders and block their path!

Stop anyone from reaching you, and you win!

This game was created in 48 hours for the Different Colors Game Jam (each sprite type needs to be a different color), with the theme Your are the boss of the game.


- Fabrício Guedes: Art

- Lui Rocha: Programming

- Rodrigo Geurgas: Programming

- Willian Leodegario: Music


GOOMD! (Windows Jam Version 1.1) 19 MB
GOOMD! (APK Jam Version 1.2) 27 MB
GOOMD! (Windows Post-Jam Version 1.3) 16 MB
GOOMD! (APK Post-Jam Version 1.4) 27 MB
GOOMD! (Linux Post-Jam Version 1.3) 19 MB

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