Neo-Earth. The distant future, year 2000. 

Dr. Villain has taken over the planet, together with his league of lawless lackeys.
But not all is lost. There is still one hope for the future of humankind.
Dr. Becky Awesome, scientist and street racer superstar, has invented a time displacement machine and gathered the best warriors of all time to stop her nefarious nemesis.
Together, this groovy gang of good-doers is going to fight the ultimate evil and



  • (On Android) Swipe up, down, left or right on the screen to move your rider.
  • (On Web or windows) WASD to move up, down, left or right on the screen.
  • You shoot automatically.
  • Press the bomb button to use your special attack. (Can also use spacebar on Web and Windows)

This game was made for the Game Jam+ competition in August 2019. It ended in 28th place out of 187, based on public voting.


Neo-Earth. O distante futuro do ano 2000. 

Dr. Villain, junto com sua liga de lacaios sem lei, dominou todo o planeta. Porém nem tudo está perdido. Ainda resta uma esperança para o futuro da humanidade.  Dra. Becky Awesome, cientista e corredora superstar, inventou uma máquina do tempo e recrutou os maiores guerreiros de todos os tempos para impedir os planos malignos de seu arqui-inimigo. Juntos essa gangue de bem feitores vai contra o mal e 


Como jogar:

  • (No Android) Deslize o dedo na tela para cima, baixo, direita e esquerda para se mover.
  • (Versão Web e Windows) WASD para se mover para cima, baixo, esquerda e direita na tela.
  • Você atira automaticamente.
  • Pressione o botão da bomba para ativar o especial. (Também pode usar a barra de espaço na versão Web e Windows)

Esse jogo foi feito para a competição Game Jam+ em Agosto de 2019. Ele terminou em 28º lugar de 187, baseado em votação popular.

Free assets used in game:

Install instructions

Android installation:

1. Download the package on your phone

2. Open the file

3. Confirm that you want to install this application

4. Enjoy!

Windows installation:

1. Download the package

2. Unzip all files to the same location

3. Run "NeonDashDriveDeluxe"

4. Enjoy!


NeonDashDrive (Windows - Alpha v0.3) 38 MB
NeonDashDrive (Android - Alpha v0.3) 35 MB
NeonDashDrive (Linux - Alpha v0.3) 76 MB


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Nice game, the music and the graphics work quite well together, and is definitely synthwave. The little comicbook-like parts are very well drawn, and the gameplay itself is also well thought through. The movement and the overall gameplay is very smooth, and easy to understand but hard to do it quite well.
The controls are pretty easy, but quite hard to figure out - at least for me it took a while.
I lost two life trying to control with the arrows and then the mouse, I guess there was a description somewhere, but couldn't find it. (it's WASD for the ones, who still didn't find out.) Also, for a game with this good 2d graphics, the browser version is very small, I guess it was made for cell phones, but still, it could be larger.
Overall a very well made game.